About us

Committed to Quality, Family and Community!

We are sons of Southern Oregon, and especially the Rogue Valley. Our ties to this beautiful region run deep and we’re proud of that. Southern Oregon is a magical place where hard working people have been providing the rest of the world access to Oregon’s natural wonders since the first settlers formed Jackson county in the 1800’s.

Steeped in the “pioneer spirit” that built Southern Oregon, our company’s mission is to bring to market the absolute best natural products our valley has to offer while investing into our community and supporting the best farmers in the world.

Management Team:


Growing up in the 826 area of Medford with Eagle Point, Oregon, our Co-Owners and Founders were raised in the area they serve today.

Samson Seidel


With over 20 years experience in the cannabis industry, Samson has set the standard for hemp trimming developing industry leading equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality product and yield. As the owner of Trim City USA, Samson has accumulated a mass network of growers that have the volume to supply any order request.

Lasaro Avila


Lasaro, or Laz, are up in Southern Oregon, playing football at Southern Oregon University and eventually going on to have a very successful career in the semi-pro league, earning him a hall of fame distinction in Las Vegas. Laz has extensive experience networking with dispensaries throughout the west coast, building facilities such as Copperstate Dispensaries, Tryke-Latham Industries, and more. Through his business experience and networks both in Arizona and Oregon he was able to help put together a professional team to meet the cannabis growers’ and the buyers’ needs.

Jimmy Ross


Connections run deep when you live 40 years of your life in the same area, and that’s how it is for Jimmy Ross and the Southern Oregon community. Jimmy has an extensive knowledge of the hemp industry, setting the bar when it comes to hemp cultivation and quality standards. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched in the Oregon market.

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